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Pro Sounding Drum Fills for Beginners

The Problem: You don’t don’t know what fill to play or just can’t come up with the right fill in the heat of the moment. 

The Solution: The Pro Sounding Drum Fills Course

In this 6 hour, 23 video online course you’ll learn 150 drum fills that Mark has used throughout his professional drumming career. 

Taught slowly so even those who have never played before will be able to understand and learn, PSDF has been hailed as an “amazing” course.

Drumming for Absolute Beginners

The Problem: You want to learn the drums without subscribing but you just don’t know how to begin.

The Solution:  Our Drumming for Absolute Beginners online video course.  It’s the most detailed, well thought-out and comprehensive drum teaching system for beginners ever created!  

Almost 7 hours of drum tutorials across 37 videos covering technique, reading, independence, groove, & vocabulary. 

It’s ALL here. In ONE place. No more confusion, just a proven step-by-step method (with no subscriptions required).


The Drumming Acceleration Program

The Problem: You’re a beginner and you’ve tried different online methods to learn the drums but without the desired results.

The Solution:  Our personalized online drum coaching program with a real human being to guide you.

The detailed, step-by-step syllabus breaks down everything you need to learn the drums into a program anyone can follow regardless of age, talent or experience. 

If results have eluded you, here’s your answer–interactive drum lessons, with a real live teacher.

A man playing drums.

25 John Bonham Fills for Beginners

Think legendary drummer John Bonham (of Led Zeppelin) is beyond you as a beginner?

Think again. In this video course, we break down 25 of his greatest fills from the first five Led Zeppelin albums. It’s killer vocabulary and it’s been organized and taught specifically so that beginners will be able to understand it. 

This online drum training program boasts over 2 and a half hours of running time across 8 videos plus a 17 page PDF booklet.


Allow me explain who we are, why we’re here and how we’re different from the multitude of other drumming educators out there.

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So…I have to tell you about me, right?

I’ve been teaching drums (with a focus on beginners) for over a decade. I grew up in Manhattan and lived there for most of my life.

In 2009, I founded BANG! The Drum School in New York City. We focused on helping beginners, and we were instantly rewarded with students because none of my competitors had a real beginners method behind their lessons. 

But we did (and still do); it’s called The 5 Pillars of Drumming™

One notable credential I have: I was one of the winners of Modern Drummer Magazine’s very first drum solo contest which was judged by none other than Rush’s drummer, the legendary Neil Peart.

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Sharing the joy of drumming is my goal.

I really want to help as many people learn to play the drums as I can and teaching online allows me to help more of you than the in-person method.

And the more people I can help to become drummers and experience the joy of drumming, the happier I will be.

That’s the real reason behind what we’re doing here. Using courses and the online world as the media, we can help many more people experience the happiness that the drums can bring. For me, that means I’m doing something good in the world. 

If you are looking for a beginner drum course or two and need to develop your basic drum skills, you’re in the right place. We’ve specialized in beginner drum lessons since 2009; why not let us help you?

Best Wishes,

Years of Teaching Experience

Hear Their Stories, Feel Their Passion: The Voices of Our Students


Table of Contents

Can I actually Learn to Play Drums Online?

Yes, you can learn to play drums online. In general, there is a massive upward trend in the learning of all kinds of subjects using remote, online methods. The proliferation of drum learning platforms are part of the shift. You’ll notice that beginner percussion training and web drum sessions are continuously added to the online world, and the pace has increased.

The pandemic in 2020 forced the growth of online learning upon the world. But, the unfortunate event that caused this shift seems to have resulted in proving that online learning is valid. The forced shift has also made the notion of learning digitally much more acceptable and “normal” for many potential students.

According to the research company Straits Research, the overall global market for online learning is expected to reach $269.8 Billion in 2031, up from a market value of $40.60 Billion in 2022. That’s a massive growth.

So, yes, you can learn drums online. Many students use online learning in combination with “live” teaching (aka “Hybrid Learning”) in order to find a balance between watching videos and getting other real interactive help and being able to have a feedback loop with qualified teachers.

Do I Need a Drum Set To Start Learning to Play Drums?

You do not need to own a drum set in order to begin to learn how to play the drums. Your beginner drum practice can start with just a practice pad and a pair of sticks. You can learn to read music, work on technique, learn independence and work on learning songs—all with just a practice pad. 

Of course, it is important to get a drum set eventually, but you don’t have to wait to begin learning; a practice pad can allow you to work on many fundamental drum techniques; it can absolutely get you started.

Am I Too Old to Learn to Play Drums?

The necessity of beginning to learn music at a very young age is a common belief that is absolutely incorrect. Learning to play music–drums included–has long been incorrectly perceived as a “young person’s game.”

And while younger students may have some advantages due to neuroplasticity, or dexterity, it’s simply not true that you can’t do it as an adult. More and more, people are taking up instruments later in life with satisfying results. 

There is also a great deal of research that shows the psychological benefits to learning music as an adult. 

How Long Will it Take Me to Learn to Play Drums? and How Much Do I Need to Practice To Get Good At The Drums?

When students begin elementary drum instruction, they often ask their teachers how long it will take to learn an instrument or how much practice is required and the unfortunate truth is that there are no real answers to these questions. 

Consider the factors at play to understand why:

  • students have different levels of motivation and passion
  • Some will practice effectively and some will be ineffective in their practicing. 
  • students will have all kinds of different levels of quality in the guidance and teaching they get.
  • Some students are able to focus on learning and practicing and others are not.


Given the above, the logical approach is to commit to some specific amount of practice (x hours per week) under the guidance of a qualified teacher and then evaluate one’s progress periodically. 

Don’t I Need Talent In Order To Learn to Play Drums?

No. Another myth about learning the drums is that you need natural talent to be successful. This is incorrect despite being a pervasive belief. The idea of talent being necessary is so ingrained in some musicians that if you publicly speak about the reality that talent is a fairy tale, a backlash of criticism may result. I’ve been attacked for debunking this myth, but I persist regardless because science backs me up on this. There are many places to read about it including The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. 

I’m Overwhelmed with Information on How to Learn the Drums; What do I do first?

If you boil all of drumming down to its most basic foundational skills–like The 5 Pillars of Drumming that we use to teach here at BANG! The Drum School–you’ll be off to a good start. If you’re starting at the very beginning, and you’ve never played before, start by working concurrently and systematically on these 5 foundational skills, pushing them incrementally forward on a weekly basis. If you do this consistently, you will be on the right track. If you allow us to be your “beginner drummer guide,” you’ll find that our basic drumming tutorials are truly created with the drumming newcomer in mind. We’re not just giving lip-service to beginners, we live it, day in and day out.

How Do I Know if a Drum Teacher is Qualified to Teach Me?

This has become a more common question because the digital world we live in allows anyone to call themselves an expert and blast information out to the world about their so-called expertise.  So, when you want to find the right teacher to help you with starter drum lessons, you’ll need to be choosy. When looking at potential teachers, here are a few ideas to consider when evaluating who to allow into your orbit:

  • Has this person ever played professionally with any known musical artists or anyone of any notoriety? In other words, who has he or she played with?
  • Can this person play well and prove that to you? If you haven’t seen a video of your potential teacher playing drums–and felt compelled by it–perhaps they’re not the right person to guide you.
  • Who has your potential teacher studied with? Have you heard of any of them? Are your teacher’s teachers noteworthy?
  • Does your potential teacher have other credentials that impress you? Are there other known musicians or other notable drummers who speak highly of this person? Have they won any awards that are credible?
  • What do former or current students of your prospective drum teacher have to say about studying with him or her? Does this person have credible testimonials that speak about the results or experiences his or her students have gotten?


These are just a few things to think about but they should get you started on how to make a decision like this.

Where Can I Find Like-Minded Drummers To Talk To and Discuss Drum Stuff With?

There are many forums on Facebook, including one that we’ve created called the Beginner Drummers Forum. But you can also discuss drum practice online in either of the two massive drum-related subreddits on–you guessed it–Reddit. You’ll find online drum lessons are talked about there and so are many other topics. The two biggest subreddits that relate to drumming are: r/drums and r/drumming.



“Developing technique by working on the rudiments is a proven method.”



“Your ability to learn is increased in an immeasurable way by learning to read and write rhythmic notation.”


This ability to maintain one or more repeating patterns with one or more limbs while varying a third limb is called independence”


“When the drumming feels so good, it’s said to be “grooving” or have a deep “groove.”


“Vocabulary is something you play that you want to remember so you can use it again.”

We’re The Beginner Drummer Experts

Just starting? You’re in the right place. Unlike most online drum educators who teach all levels and styles, our specialty is teaching beginners. 

With the E-learning for drummers you’ll find here, beginners is the sweet spot.  We’re the only ones with this focus. 

5 Pillars of drumming Teaching System

Our proprietary system  called the 5 Pillars of Drumming is developed for teaching beginner drummers. 

No other drum educator has a method like this. 

NO Subscriptions Needed

In the world of web based drum education, subscriptions are prevalent. But what if you’re sick of paying monthly?

We get it. That’s why we don’t ask you to subscribe. Want to take a course? Just a one-time purchase and you’re in. With our internet drum courses, you’ll have no more annoying monthly payments.

We only offer focused courses

Online percussion training can be disorganized and overwhelming. That’s because most educators jump around from topic to topic.

But not us. Instead of bite-sized nuggets that teach you a lick or a single idea, our courses contain videos that build upon one another–systematically–to a specific goal.

“Every Expert Was Once A Beginner”

What Makes us Different?

Here's What Some Musical Authorities Say About Mark

Here are some of Mark’s professional credits…
He’s played in bands on A&M Records and Arista Records, and has played with

  • Alison Krauss
  • Marshall Crenshaw
  • Will Lee (studio legend and bassist from David Letterman’s band)
  • Oz Noy (legendary fusion guitarist)
  • GE Smith (guitarist from Roger Waters and ex bandleader of Saturday Night Live)
  • Joel Hoekstra (guitarist from Whitesnake)
  • The Marvelettes
  • The Drifters
  • Big Brother and The Holding Company

Testimonials from Well-Known Drummers re: Mark Feldman

read them below...

NEIL PEART - Legendary drummer from Rush

“Technically and Rhythmically Quite Sophisticated”

KENNY ARONOFF - John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, Elton John, Smashing Pumpkins,

“ amazing drummer”

Simon Phillips - The Who, Jeff Beck, Toto

“I can highly recommend Mark Feldman as a musically versatile and experienced drummer.”

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