One way to sound different from other drummers is to develop unique independence Ideas.

Advanced Modern Independence Exercises on PDF

One of The 5 Pillars of Drumming™ is independence. You may already know that developing the skill of independence is what allows one to play a repeating pattern with one limb and then to be able to freely vary the placement of notes with the other limbs while maintaining the original pattern. 

For example, a basic type of independence is to be able to play eighth notes with your cymbal hand and then play any number of varying rhythms with your left hand on the snare and right foot on the bass drum.

But what if you took it farther than that...?

Below, you’ll find links to a series of different PDFs that you can download, all with unique kinds of independence that you can work on. 

Have a look at them, and pick something (or maybe a few things that inspire you. Remember, having the ability to play things differently from other drummers will help you stand out from the pack. 

Just make sure–in your quest for being different, that you play appropriately for the music at hand. 

Just click any of the pink bullet-pointed phrases below to see the associated PDF….

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