Bass Drum Technique can be elusive...these exercises can help.

Bass Drum Technique Exercises on PDF

One of The 5 Pillars of Drumming™ is technique. Sometimes, early in a drummer’s development, the focus is mostly on hand technique, with bass drum technique getting a distant second billing.

Just getting your bass drum foot to work with your pedal in order to produce the sounds and strokes you want doesn’t really require a sheet of exercises. You simply have to work on the correct movements. 

However, when working specific things, like two quick bass drum notes in a row (aka doubles –not unlike doubles with the hands), having well-thought out exercises can really help. 

and that's what the exercises below will help you with:

Single foot double strokes on the bass drum.

9 Bass Drum Double Stroke Grooves

here is the link to the worksheet that accompanies the video below:

More Exercise Worksheets on PDF

Before jumping into the groove exercises demonstrated in the video, consider working on these two worksheets..

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