Don't know what to play when it's time for a fill?

Here are your answers.

Beginner Drum Fills Exercises on PDF

One of The 5 Pillars of Drumming™ is vocabulary. In the world of drumming, that mostly translates to drum fills.

Speaking a language is arguably the best general analogy for how drumming works. And if you want to be able to play drum fills at will and without thought (like the way you speak off the the top of your head or how I am writing right now) you simply need to learn and memorize a bunch of fill vocabulary.

and that's what the exercises below will help you with

12 Drum Fills for Beginners

here is the link to the worksheet that accompanies the video below:

More Exercise Worksheets on PDF:

Here are some more beginner level drum fill worksheets to check out (click on the titles to go to the PDFs):

And Speaking of Fills...

Here Our best-selling course, “Pro Sounding Drum Fills for Beginners” will give you 150 pro-level fills that you can confidently use in your playing immediately. And it’s a bargain.

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