"If you don't have the right headphones, you're jeopardizing your hearing"

The best headphones for drummers are the Vic Firth Isolation Headphones.

The Best Headphones for Drummers


Here’s a question that comes up a lot: “What are the best headphones for drummers?” I’ve got the answer. I’ve tried a bunch of them. But it always comes back to one thing. And I always come back to one particular set of headphones. 

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know that I’m not always interested in analyzing every single endless possibility.  You don’t need to read about ten different headphones I’ve tested and the pluses and minuses of each of them and then their prices.

What you probably want is just the answer, right? What are the best headphones for drummers and why?

 Here we go….

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The Problem with Headphones for Drummers

The main issue drummers face when dealing with headphones is that the drums are so goddamn loud!  And I’m not complaining. Drums are supposed to be loud. But it presents some problems when it comes to headphones. 

First, if you are using your headphones while you’re recording a track, you need to hear the music and the click track that is coming through the headphones.  Since drums are so loud, you really need a way to shut out that volume so that you can more easily hear the music and click in your phones. 

If you are not able to sufficiently shut out the volume of your drums, a common way of compensating for that is to turn the volume of the music in your headphones up. This is really a big problem; and it’s dangerous. It can really do some damage to your hearing. To avoid having to turn the volume up so high, the key is to have headphones that really shut out the “outside world.”  In theory, you need the kind of headphones that are designed to protect your hearing from loud noises.  

The Answer: Shut Out The Decibels with Vic Firth Isolation Headphones

These are the headphones I’ve been using for years. 

Whether I just want to sit behind my drums and play and know I’m not endangering my hearing, or if I want to play along to a track or record, these are my go-to’s. 

They shut out the decibels like no other headphones I’ve tried. Just read the specs. They shut out 25 dbs of volume. 

That’s a lot.  And, no, they’re not cheap. My recent look online found a good discount on Amazon at around $75. But your hearing is obviously invaluable and you must protect it. 

Just to Be Sure–What Kind of Hearing Protection Do Marksmen/Shooters Look For?

When I was first thinking this through, I decided that if I really wanted to protect my ears, I should find out what kind of hearing protection gun enthusiasts use. It makes sense, right? If you’re someone who likes shooting guns and you go to a shooting range, you are going to wear some kind of hearing protection. 

So, what level of protection do gun enthusiasts seek?  It turns out it is generally believed that 25 dbs of protection is a good, safe amount for someone who shoots guns. Check this out. If you go on Google and search: “what is the best DB ear protection for shooting?” you’ll find this from a gun enthusiast and hunting web site called “Miss Pursuit”:

“Ear protection for shooting should have a noise reduction rating of at least 25 dbs”

That being said, if hunters go for 25 dbs and these Vic Firth’s have 25 dbs, I think–that as a drummer—I’m going to be pretty safe.


The Vic Firth Isolation headphones aren’t the only solution but they have worked for me for years. If you give them a try, let me know what you think. And if you want to go buy a pair now, you can go to Amazon and get them using this link: 

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