The 2 Best Drum Books for Independence

As most of you probably know, independence is crucial to drum set playing.

Since some of you reading are brand-spanking new to drumming (and I welcome you), here’s what independence means….

It’s the ability to play a repeating, non-varying pattern with one limb (say, your cymbal hand) and then, simultaneously

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Drummers: Practice Until You Can’t Get It Wrong

There is a common mistake that beginners make when practicing. It’s very easy to overlook it when you’re a novice, but it really is a devastating error. People often jump from one thing that they’re practicing to another much too quickly.

It makes sense that you might do this because

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Best Headphones for Drummers

Here’s a question that comes up a lot: “What are the best headphones for drummers?”

I’ve got the answer.

I’ve tried a bunch of them. But it always comes back to one thing. And I always come back to one particular set of headphones.

If you

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What Drum Mics Should I Get?

Recently, on Reddit, I noticed that microphones were being asked about. More specifically, the question was posed: “What Drum Mics Should I Use?”

Now, I should preface my answer to this question by stating that I am not a true recording gear head. In other words, I don’t understand all

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Applying 80/20 To Your Drumming Vocabulary

“Milking Your Licks Dry” is an 8020 concept of manipulating your existing drum vocabulary to create NEW drumming words… Let’s Get Started Table of Contents Applying 80/20 to Your Drumming Vocabulary: exercises on PDF What Do You Mean By “Milking Your Licks Dry?” And What’s The First Method of

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9 AC DC Drum Chart PDFs

If you want to learn to read charts, this is for you. Perfect AC/DC drum charts beautifully notated using Finale and delivered on PDF I’m Ready to Get Started 9 AC DC Drum Chart PDFs Recently I was asked to play an AC/DC tribute show. In order to learn the

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On Drumming Open-Handed

Drumming “open-handed” simply means that the drummer plays the hi-hat with the left hand while the right hand plays the snare drum. I’m Ready to Get Started On Drumming Open Handed Open handed drumming is a method that is debated frequently. I’ve considered it and have applied it to my

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John Bonham Hand Foot Triplet Inversion

Anyone who has really studied John Bonham knows how he played his famous hand/foot triplets. Originally I thought the pattern was Right, Left, Foot, but that’s incorrect. The way that Bonham played them is: Left, Right, Foot. And man, when you get that lick fast and clean it sounds amazing.

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