9 AC DC Drum Chart PDFs

If you want to learn to read charts, this is for you. Perfect AC/DC drum charts beautifully notated using Finale and delivered on PDF I’m Ready to Get Started 9 AC DC Drum Chart PDFs Recently I was asked to play an AC/DC tribute show. In order to learn the songs quickly, I made drum […]

Drumspeak With Neil Peart

Is Neil Peart one of the greatest all-time drummers? Absolutely. Did he find that there were some things about his playing that he wanted to improve? Yes, absolutely. I find it inspirational that Neil would not find it below him to go take some drum lessons, even at his level of ability and at his level of success. So, below, excerpted from Neil’s own website, in Neil’s own words, is the story of his lessons with jazz great Peter Erskine.

Understanding Half Note Triplets

Learning drums-understanding half note triplets

That quirky rhythmic figure–the half note triplet–has confounded beginning drum students (and music students in general) for eons. In this post, we’ll dispel the mystery by explaining everything you need to know. Let’s dive right in. To understand how the half note triplet works, you need to use the eighth note triplet as your guide. Start with a measure of eighth note triplets. Now, accent the first note, the fifth note and the ninth note of series. Those three notes you’ve accented make up the half note triplet. This is confusing without a visual, so let’s get out the diagram!

Understanding Quarter Note Triplets

Discover the basics of quarter note triplets, a must-read post for beginner drum students. Learn to read, count, and play these essential rhythms with ease.

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