Applying 80/20 To Your Drumming Vocabulary

“Milking Your Licks Dry” is an 8020 concept of manipulating your existing drum vocabulary to create NEW drumming words… Let’s Get Started Table of Contents Applying 80/20 to Your Drumming Vocabulary: exercises on PDF What Do You Mean By “Milking Your Licks Dry?” And What’s The First Method of Doing It? One of my […]

On Drumming Open-Handed

Drumming “open-handed” simply means that the drummer plays the hi-hat with the left hand while the right hand plays the snare drum. I’m Ready to Get Started On Drumming Open Handed Open handed drumming is a method that is debated frequently. I’ve considered it and have applied it to my drumming here and there. In […]

Drumming Hand Technique: The Middle Finger Fulcrum Is Better

For the purposes of this discussion, I am going to assume that you know a few basics: 1) good drum technique requires a loose grip and tension free body motions; 2) the “meat and potatoes” motions of American matched grip come from a wrist motion that is much like your movements when you wave to someone (we’re talking about an up and down wave, not a side-to-side one) 3) a fulcrum is the part of your grip that creates a stable point of contact with the stick and a pivot point such that the stick can rotate as a lever from that axis point

Paradiddle Cheat Sheet 1

Master the hand patterns of paradiddles effortlessly with this helpful cheat sheet. Perfect for beginner drummers looking to improve their skills.

The Trouble With Traditional Grip

Discover the history & evolution of traditional drumming grip. Learn why learning the grip is still relevant in modern drumming and how it enhances your skills.

12 Advanced Double Bass Drum Exercises

Elevate drumming skills to the next level with these creative & challenging double bass drum exercises. Perfect for drummers looking to expand their vocabulary.

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