Applying 80/20 To Your Drumming Vocabulary

“Milking Your Licks Dry” is an 8020 concept of manipulating your existing drum vocabulary to create NEW drumming words… Let’s Get Started Table of Contents Applying 80/20 to Your Drumming Vocabulary: exercises on PDF What Do You Mean By “Milking Your Licks Dry?” And What’s The First Method of Doing It? One of my […]

Drumming Hand Technique: The Middle Finger Fulcrum Is Better

For the purposes of this discussion, I am going to assume that you know a few basics: 1) good drum technique requires a loose grip and tension free body motions; 2) the “meat and potatoes” motions of American matched grip come from a wrist motion that is much like your movements when you wave to someone (we’re talking about an up and down wave, not a side-to-side one) 3) a fulcrum is the part of your grip that creates a stable point of contact with the stick and a pivot point such that the stick can rotate as a lever from that axis point

Paradiddle Cheat Sheet 1

Master the hand patterns of paradiddles effortlessly with this helpful cheat sheet. Perfect for beginner drummers looking to improve their skills.

The Trouble With Traditional Grip

Discover the history & evolution of traditional drumming grip. Learn why learning the grip is still relevant in modern drumming and how it enhances your skills.

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