Drummers: Practice Until You Can’t Get It Wrong

There is a common mistake that beginners make when practicing. It’s very easy to overlook it when you’re a novice, but it really is a devastating error. People often jump from one thing that they’re practicing to another much too quickly.

It makes sense that you might do this because there is a psychology of pressure that is created when your drum teacher hands you a worksheet with 25 exercises on it. You see all that ink and you go to practice and you feel like you have to get to the end of the page in order to have achieved something. 

While you’re in the practice room, just the simple fact that there are 25 exercises on that worksheet creates an unconscious desire to finish the whole page. It’s human nature to want to get to the end of something you’re working on. If you can just get to the end, you’ll have accomplished your goal (so you might think).

But, when it comes to practicing the drums or any other instrument, getting through a whole lot of exercises quickly should not be your goal.  Your real goal should be mastery.

Am I Too Old To Learn Drums? And More on Success Later in Life

I’ve often heard the lament “I’m too old,” as an excuse for not doing something. It could be used as an excuse to not do almost anything. Of course, in my line of work, I’ve heard it as a reason for not beginning to take up the drums. In fact, there was a time that I even asked the question of myself.

But, unless you are impaired in a significant way due to your age, it usually is simply not true. Age mostly doesn’t matter. Unless you decide it does. If you make it matter, then that’s on you. Because it’s such a pervasive belief, I thought it might be helpful–perhaps even inspiring–to look at some real life examples of people who have had success at an age that might be deemed “too old.”

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