"Our goal is for it to be fun. Drum lessons for adults and children should be joyous and regardless of your age"

Drum Lessons for Adults

Students who want drum lessons have been coming to us for a while now.  Why is that?

A Comfortable Place to Study for Drum Lessons for Adults
One of the reasons that we continue to grow with our drum lessons for adults is that students feel comfortable here.  You’ve probably already gotten that idea from looking around this website–we’re very friendly, patient and enthusiastic here.

That comfort level is very important to us.  If you are returning to drums lessons as an adult after a significant break, our experience is that there is at least a bit of trepidation about getting back to it.

Perhaps you’ve never taken drum lessons before– you’re a self-taught adult.  You’ve realized that you may have some bad habits or lack some fundamental skills.  We see people like you all the time. So don’t worry. You’re not alone. We don’t want your drum lesson experience as an adult to be full of anxiety.  Our goal is for it to be fun. Drum lessons for adults and children should be joyous and regardless of your age, we believe that the essence of the experience should be happiness,not stress.

If you’ve never played the drums before and you’re an adult, rest assured that we have many people just like you who come to us for drum lessons too.  Again, we realize that it could be stressful to try and learn something so foreign and new as an adult. That’s why our vibe is so laid back and patient.  We get it. We remember what is was like when we first started drumming. We might have been a bit nervous. Regardless of your experience level, you’ll find a knowledgeable, patient and empathetic teacher to help you here at BANG! The Drum School.

And that’s why so many adults look at us at THE place for drum lessons.

We Know Your Type
Our experience with adults has given us some insight into why you might be coming to us.  Let’s look at a few of the types of people who come to us and what they expect from their drum lesson experience.

The Executive Pressure Reliever  This person likes the idea of playing drums and finds that the experience of playing them is relaxing.  She has a high pressure job; perhaps as an executive at a large corporation. The truth is that she wants to practice but just doesn’t have the time.  Over time, this adult drum student will progress, but at a relaxed pace. But that’s OK with her, because the experience of playing drums is so enjoyable.  

The “Used-To-Be-A-Drummer” Adult This gent is coming to us because he used to play drums a lot.  And he misses it. So he wants to get back, brush up on some some things and return to former glory.  He may be highly motivated to practice because he recalls his former greatness and wants to return to it.

The Actor This person just needs a crash course so she can LOOK like she knows how to play for a play or movie.  We’ve had many actors come to us to prepare for roles. No worries. We’ve got you covered.

The Complete and Absolute Beginner Probably more of this drum student comes to us than any other.  You’ve never played. It really looks like fun. Maybe your parents made you play the piano and you didn’t want to.   Whatever the situation was, now you’re an adult and you’re ready for some drum lessons! Welcome!

Whoever you are, as long as you want to play the drums, we want to help! Don’t delay, start now!

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