Buddy Rich, Keith Carlock, Matt Cameron and others: Drum Fills, Licks and Chops

Keith Carlock matt Cameron and buddy rich

Learning transcriptions is the best way to try and emulate the drummers who inspire you.

It’s a trick that many (if not most) great musicians employ. If you want to play like “Musician X,” the best way to try and do that is to analyze the details of “Musician X”s playing.  And the best way to do that is to transcribe “Musician X” and start learning to play that transcription.

Here at BANG! The Drum School, we’ve been using transcriptions to learn and teach for years. And we’ve got some pretty great licks and fills to show you from some of the world’s best. So, have a look below and feel free to steal these licks!  Just click on the bold pink titles to see the PDFs and download them.

Buddy Rich – This comes from an amazing solo played on the song “920 Special” from the album This One’s for Basie. You can get the PDF here: Buddy Rich lick from “920 Special”

Matt Cameron – As the drummer of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, Matt is a drummer who you should definitely take seriously! And if you don’t already, you will once you check out these 7 ideas inspired by his playing: 7 Matt Cameron Inspired Drum Fills

Keith Carlock  Here’s a drummer who has long been considered a beast; both in terms of groove and innovative chops. One of the most recognizable of these chops is the signature lick that Keith has been using to melt brains for many years. Check it out and learn it here: Keith Carlock’s Signature Lick

Eric Moore – decided to steal this little hi-hat lick from him and then come up with a few other ideas to play it. You can get it all right here: Eric Moore Inspired Hi-Hat lick

Zach Danziger – Known by most of the pro drummers on the scene, Zach is an inspirational drummer who I was obsessed with while he was coming up the ranks in NYC.  I used to go to tons of his shows and record him. The idea on this PDF was one of my favorite of all of his licks. It just shreds. When you open up the PDF you’ll see that it’s titled “Drum Off Idea 2,” and that’s because I used it when I competed in the Drum Off competition way back in 2013. Here’s the PDF: Drum Off Idea 2 (Zach Danziger lick) 

Chris Coleman – CC is so inspiring on so many levels. I was once watching him play live with a drummer I am friendly with who has a pretty ridiculous resume. As we watched Chris play this drummer just turned to me and said, “Imagine having that kind of technique….it would make so many things so much easier.” So, here is the PDF: Chris Coleman Inspired Paradiddle Ideas

Glen Sobel – Another massively proficient drummer, Glen has been playing with Alice Cooper for years. He has chops for days and I’m excited to share this with you. It’s a sick 32nd note fill that…well, it’s just sick. Here it is: Glen Sobel 32nd Note Fill Transcription

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