"When the drumming feels so good, it’s said to be “grooving” or have a deep “groove.”"

Pillar #4: Mastering the Groove: Unleash Your Drumming Soul with Our Core Rhythmic Pillar

The repetition of rhythm creating a good and comfortable feeling is what groove is all about. As I’ve just explained, groove has come to mean more than just the beat. And groove is so important to the role of a drummer that it must have its own category in the 5 Pillars framework. The category of “groove” is all about playing the appropriate type of beat for the style of music being played coupled with the ability to make it feel good. When the drumming feels so good, it’s said to be “grooving” or have a deep “groove.” Groove, therefore, has elements of musicality, genre/style, and history embedded within it, because tradition usually requires a drummer to play the kind of groove that was historically required for that style of music.

The ability to discern the proper style and apply the groove takes a lot of study including listening to different kinds of music and seeing how other drummers play those styles. However, just as important, and arguably even more so, is the “feeling” part of it. A drummer may understand the details of playing a particular style, but if, when executing that style, the drummer’s beats do not “groove” (feel good), then all is lost. If that’s the case, the drummer is not successfully doing his job. The beats played must feel good and make the band or the listener comfortable. I recall once talking to a guitarist about playing with a particularly good drummer.

We talked about this drummer’s groove. The guitarist said that playing with him was like musically “floating on a cloud.” I thought that was a great way of describing the feeling of a great groove. Developing the ability to play in such a way that your playing elicits that “floating on a cloud” feeling is an area of focus that should not be overlooked.

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