The One Thing You MUST Have? Groove.

Middle Aged Drummer On Stage

Grooves and Ghost Notes: Exercises on PDF

Another of The 5 Pillars of Drumming™ is groove.  It’s arguable that groove is the most important of the “5 Pillars.” The reason is that nobody will want to play with you if you have no groove. But, if you can make the music feel good (this is what groove is) and you have no other skills, people will STILL want to play with you. Groove is what makes you popular and groove is what makes you employable.

Below you’ll find a bunch of worksheets (just click on the bolded red titles to get to the PDFs) that include grooves of different kinds, exercises to help you work on ghost notes, a way to use syncopation to come up with bizarre funk grooves, linear beats that are spectacularly good and even some crazy ideas for what I call “groove deceptions,” where you make the listener feel as if you are playing a completely different time signature or feel while you still know where you are in the original groove. Feel free to browse and randomly pick something on the page to work on. By doing so, you’ll be rewarded in a number of ways: you’ll improve your groove and you’ll have something new, interesting and fun to work on.

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Our 5 Pillars of Drumming™ method is a streamlined, no fluff method that gets straight to the heart of the matter: how do I go from sort of being able to play to REALLY, ACTUALLY being able to play? And our Drumming for Absolute Beginners course puts our method into a single, focused program that will get you to that Point B of being able to sit down behind the drums and thoughtlessly play off the top of your head.  If you’re tired of trying to sort through the web sites and videos that are everywhere but provide no thought out linear progression, than this is for you. 

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