Essential Jazz Drumming Independence? Check!

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Jazz Drumming Exercises on PDF

What you’ll find on this page will help you with:

Jazz independence – the first three pages of exercises (“Essential Jazz Independence,” “Lucky 13,” and “A Triplet Independence Exercise”) focus on developing the ability to play the jazz ride cymbal pattern on “auto-pilot.” There is a huge amount of facility that you can gain by mastering these pages.

The next two pages are not really beginner level fare. The “Uptempo Ride Technique” PDF consists of a set of exercises I came up with when I was obsessed with not only the groove of my ride cymbal playing, but ultimately, the speed. If you are seriously pursuing jazz as a drummer, it’s just a fact that you’ll need to be able to play the ride cymbal pattern at tempos in excess of 300 bpm. That’s fast. It’ll take work.

On a related note, the “Uptempo Jazz Comping” PDF seeks to help solve the mystery of what to play with your other limbs when you’re blazing away on the ride cymbal. Comping when the tempo is 300 plus is no joke. But if you study some of the masters (in particular I was thinking of Tony Williams when I put these exercises together), you’ll discover that the approach that works is to play much more sparsely (logical, right?)

Anyway, here are the PDFs. Click on the bolded red titles to check them out: 

By the way, if you check out “Lucky 13,” you’ll also get a small glimpse at the history of BANG! The Drum School. That’ because this particular worksheet was written during the first year that BANG was in business. It’s hand-written and looks a lot different from our worksheets, but the content is just a solid. Just a little aside that you might find interesting…

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