John Bonham Fills, Transcriptions and Soloing Ideas

Bonham is possibly the best example of what a great rock drummer should be.

The big three for me as a teen who was obsessed with drummers and music? 

Neil Peart, Peter Criss and John Bonham. Let’s not debate the merits of one versus another here, OK? I merely name the other two to set the stage. The power and influence and excitement that were part of my obsession with John Bonham cannot be overstated.

And it turns out that I’m not alone. Some pretty big name rock drummers all see him as a massive influence. Drummers like Dave Grohl, Travis Barker, Roger Taylor (from Queen), Joey Kramer, Mike Portnoy, Danny Carey and many more all cite Bonham as important to their development.

Below are a few worksheets on PDF that include transcriptions of some great John Bonham ideas.

Simply click the bolded pink titles to see the PDF and download it if you wish.

Nasty Lick 34″ will show you the main lick that Bonham plays during the end solo of “Rock And Roll” from Led Zeppelin IV.

The 7 Bonham Fills PDF will do exactly what it says; show you a selection of fills from across all of Bonham’s recorded output with Led Zeppelin. 

Finally, the hand foot triplet PDF–called  Bonham Hand/Foot Triplet Inversion Ideas will show you how to play Bonham’s unique triplet soloing idea as heard in many fills and solos. It will also take things a step further and offer up ideas on how to alter and supplement his original idea.

Have fun.

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