"A PDF Cheat Sheet with 3 of The Most Important Paradiddle Rudiments"

Paradiddle Cheat Sheet 1

Table of Contents

For beginners, here is the first in a series of Cheat Sheets.

This one covers what I consider to be the three most important paradiddle patterns for beginners to learn:


  • The Single Paradiddle
  • The Double Paradiddle
  • The Paradiddle-Diddle (both left and right-handed versions)


To make life easier for you, we’ve put these all on a PDF for you so you can download it and bring it to your practice space. 


And here’s how to work on this stuff

The first order of business is to learn these hand patterns cold. Don’t worry about speed at first, just get to the point where you can play the pattern itself effortlessly and at will, without any papers to look at when playing. For now, forget about the accents. The little symbol that looks like an arrow above some of the notes means to play that note louder. Ignore those symbols at first. Just learn the hand patterns.

After you can play the patterns pretty well, try playing the accented notes louder than the unaccented notes. You should be able to play each pattern with or without the accents.

A Note Regarding the Double Paradiddle

By the way, I suggest–for the double paradiddle–that in addition to what is notated on the cheat sheet, you work on playing it with only the first accent at the beginning of each group of six notes. I find that particular version of the double paradiddle pretty useful. 

Later, we’ll mess around with moving the accents around to different places.

We’ll also learn some other exciting variations like the inverted paradiddle (which is very very useful indeed). You can read more about the inverted paradiddle HERE and HERE.

But for now, just learn these. They will serve you well. 

I Promise.

Here’s the PDF: Paradiddle Cheat Sheet 1

By The Way, These Are a Few of The Rudiments

If you’re new to drumming, it wouldn’t hurt to know that the paradiddle patterns included on this cheat sheet are a few of the “drum rudiments” you may have been hearing drummers talk about.

The rudiments are important for developing technique, so nice job on checking these out.

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