Polyrhythms that you can actually use.

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Polyrhythms: Exercises on PDF

Despite the image at the top of this page, polyrhythms don’t have to twist your brain. The first one I always think is important to learn is 2 vs 3.  We’ll do that on this page, and I’ll give you two PDFs to help you understand the polyrhythm and develop independence against it in a rock context.

this video and PDF will teach you how to play two against three...

No drum set required. 

In order to learn any polyrhythm, the key is to be able to hear how the two rhythms sound when they are layered on top of one another. That’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this video. Once you can really hear the rhythms, (hint: slow everything down a lot in order to do so) it’s not that difficult of a task.  Check out the video and you’ll see what I mean.

To accompany the video, this PDF will help you understand how 2 vs 3 sounds (click the red bolded title):  


and this video & PDF will teach you how to apply 2 vs 3 to your playing...

Ok, this time, a drum set would be helpful. Let’s say we know how 2 vs 3 sounds and we’ve worked on it a bunch.  The next thing to think about is how could you use it?  For me, with a polyrhythm like this one, I’m thinking about how to tastefully play it when playing grooves. 

In this video, I touch on that and I show you what facility within the eighth note framework will allow. You’d probably want to tone it down from what I demonstrate in this video but I wanted to show you what is possible.  Be tasteful and appropriate for the music and you’ll keep the gig. Below, you’ll find a worksheet to develop that 2 vs 3 ability into actual functional independence….


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