Learning To Read Music Doesn't Have To Be Scary.

reading music doesn't have to be scary

Reading Rhythmic Notation: Exercises on PDF

When a beginner student first approaches drums–or any instrument–one of the most intimidating things is learning to read music. It sounds so hard to do. And I won’t lie–it’s not easy–but it’s certainly not as hard as many might imagine. So, rather than getting scared away, let’s begin with a few simple steps that will start you on the path to learning to read music for the drums.

An overview of all the rhythmic notation you need to know on ONE PDF

The first step is to look at the rhythmic notation on paper and understand what it means.  On this PDF, you’ll find the most common rhythms that drummers will need to know. It’s not all-encompassing; that would not be possible on a single page. 

But, it is a very solid start and knowing these eight rhythms and what they look like can get you quite far. 

You’ll start with whole notes, and then proceed to half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, eighth note triplets, sixteenth notes, sixteenth note triplets, and finally thirty-second notes. 

This handy PDF worksheet will also give you all of the speaking mnemonics. These are the syllables that you will speak that correspond to the different notes and this is how you can mentally keep your place while you are playing.

Have a look at the PDF. Print it out and take it to the practice room and start studying it. The language you’ll see on the worksheet is analogous to the alphabet you needed to learn to speak your native spoke language. That is how fundamental it is.

Below, you can click the bolded red title to go to the PDF


and these PDFs will teach you even more about reading rhythmic notation...

Click on the Red Bolded Titles to Open the PDFs….

Want to learn how to maneuver between all the important rhythmic metrics? OK, here you go: Rhythmic Control Part 3

Or learn to read eighth notes while learning to play basic drum beats?? Here: How to Read Music for Drummers Part Two

If you are confused about quarter note triplets or half note triplets never fear; here’s Understanding Quarter Note Triplets and Understanding Half Note Triplets

And finally, these two worksheets will give you a crash course in understanding how to read sixteenth notes and all of their iterations:

I hope you enjoy the journey and please don’t overlook learning to read. Imagine trying to learn ANY language and not learning to read or write that language. See what I mean? It simply doesn’t make sense…
Here are six more Reading Rhythmic Notation Worksheets on PDF

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