Elvin Jones: Transcription, Style Analysis and New Yorker Interview


Elvin Jones was a trailblazer. Coming to prominence during his stint with the John Coltrane Quartet, Jones always pursued a singular path of uniqueness as a drummer. His approach has long been viewed as revolutionary and he is one of the most influential drummers to have played the instrument. Elvin was known as a player who valued the musical phrase and as such, his ideas often crossed the bar line and avoided the “one.” In addition, he was arguably the first jazz drummer to deeply explore all three notes of the triplet and whose independence was developed to a never-before-seen level that allowed very intricate placements of all three triplet notes within his grooves. It is my hope that this brief article will offer some insights into his playing and his personality. Here’s how…

Applying 80/20 To Your Drumming Vocabulary

“Milking Your Licks Dry” is an 8020 concept of manipulating your existing drum vocabulary to create NEW drumming words… Let’s Get Started Table of Contents Applying 80/20 to Your Drumming Vocabulary: exercises on PDF https://youtu.be/DkCm45L2Xd0 What Do You Mean By “Milking Your Licks Dry?” And What’s The First Method of Doing It? One of my […]

9 AC DC Drum Chart PDFs

If you want to learn to read charts, this is for you. Perfect AC/DC drum charts beautifully notated using Finale and delivered on PDF I’m Ready to Get Started 9 AC DC Drum Chart PDFs Recently I was asked to play an AC/DC tribute show. In order to learn the songs quickly, I made drum […]

On Drumming Open-Handed

Drumming “open-handed” simply means that the drummer plays the hi-hat with the left hand while the right hand plays the snare drum. I’m Ready to Get Started On Drumming Open Handed Open handed drumming is a method that is debated frequently. I’ve considered it and have applied it to my drumming here and there. In […]

John Bonham Hand Foot Triplet Inversion

Anyone who has really studied John Bonham knows how he played his famous hand/foot triplets. Originally I thought the pattern was Right, Left, Foot, but that’s incorrect. The way that Bonham played them is: Left, Right, Foot. And man, when you get that lick fast and clean it sounds amazing. Once I started working on the actual “Bonham way,” I began to think about inversions. What if I started the pattern on the second note of Bonham triplet? If I did that, the pattern becomes Right, Foot, Left. I started messing around with that and I decided I really liked the way it sounded. Once you start playing Right Foot Left and combining it with other things (like six-stroke rolls for example), you can get a lot of great-sounding drumming magic from it.

5 Steps To Great Drum Fills

Tired of playing the same old drum fills? Discover a step-by-step method to create fresh and exciting fills with our helpful guide and downloadable PDF.

12 Beginner Drum Fills

Looking for beginner drum fills? Check out 12 simple and reliable drum fills that will work in many situations. Perfect for beginner drummers.

Drumming Hand Technique: The Middle Finger Fulcrum Is Better

For the purposes of this discussion, I am going to assume that you know a few basics: 1) good drum technique requires a loose grip and tension free body motions; 2) the “meat and potatoes” motions of American matched grip come from a wrist motion that is much like your movements when you wave to someone (we’re talking about an up and down wave, not a side-to-side one) 3) a fulcrum is the part of your grip that creates a stable point of contact with the stick and a pivot point such that the stick can rotate as a lever from that axis point

Some Thoughts on Push Pull Drumming Technique

In this installment of The Thinking Drummer, I take a little look at Push/Pull aka Open/Close hand technique. It’s something that I’ve been working on seriously for several months now. Let’s talk about what it is, what the possibilities are, and how you can learn it. First of all, I’ve been interested in this technique ever since I first saw Jojo Mayer demonstrate it in 2008 in his Hudson Music video on hand technique, “Secret Weapons for The Modern Drummer.” But this technique was not a priority for me until recently.

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