More Than 100 Pages of Drumming Vocabulary on PDF for Free. And It's The Good Stuff.

The Nasty Lick Series: Drum Fills, Chops, & Soloing Ideas on PDF

When I first started blogging a while back, one of the things I wanted to do was put some great drumming ideas out into the world. A really simple way to do this was to just publish ideas I was working on as I worked on them. It’s something that was natural for me to do because I’m always working on drumming stuff. 

I called this series of drumming vocabulary the “Nasty Licks Series.”  

As the plans for this web site that you’re now looking at began to take shape, I realized that I’d published upwards of 130 pages of this material. 

The idea of this page is to gather most of the “Nasty Lick Series” PDFs together in one place.

Eventually, I’m pretty sure these will made into a book or a book and a course. At that point, this page may be taken down.

But until that book comes, you’ll have access to them here.

There are a group of these PDFs that are classified as “Feldman Old Reliable” licks. These are ideas that I regularly use in my soloing and other playing. They’re “go-to” vocabulary for me. 

I’m sure there is an even better way to organizing these, but in the meantime, just know that you can browse, click and download whatever you wish for free. There is a lot here. So have a look around and feel free to ask me any questions.

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