Vinnie Colaiuta Fills, Transcriptions and Soloing Ideas

Colaiuta has long astounded audiences with technical prowess and creativity--these transcriptions will give you insight into how he does it and how YOU can too.

If you’ve looked at the page like this one relating to Steve Gadd’s playing and our transcriptions of it (see here for a LINK to that page), you’ll have some understanding as to why I gravitated to his playing.

But now…imagine you take Steve Gadd and pump him up on steroids. That’s one way to describe Vinnie Colaiuta.

With similar experience to Gadd’s in genres–Vinnie has played fusion, jazz, rock, and everything in between–it’s no wonder that those drummers are often talked about in the same breath.

Vinnie can definitely be a bit “weirder” than Steve in some of his playing. He is sometimes a little more “out there.” But that’s one reason why we love him. Have a look at some of the ideas in these transcriptions and licks. You’ll get insight into Colaiuta’s playing and probably come away with some great ideas that you can use yourself. 

By the way, we have more great SICK Vinnie stuff for you. Some note-for-note transcriptions that you can not get anywhere else. Check them out here:

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