What Makes us Different?

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What Makes Us Different?

  1. We’re The Beginner Drummer Experts – we’re the only online drum educator with this deep level of beginner expertise.
  2. No subscriptions – you don’t have to subscribe to learn with us.
  3. The 5 Pillars of Drumming™ – our teaching is built on this proven, proprietary, substantive model.
  4. Our Founder – Mark Feldman’s background is truly unique among drum educators.
  5. Focused Courses with Specific Outcomes – we offer courses with specific steps to a pre-determined goal; no bouncing around a massive amount of random videos.

1) We’re the Beginner Drummer Experts

Teachers who focus on beginners are a rarity.  That’s a shame because beginners have different needs and require a different kind of teaching. Here are some more details…

  • Our teaching style and methods are beginner friendly – that means we don’t go too fast and that we’re fastidious in the way we organize our teaching and break it down into its component parts. 
  • We Don’t Go Too Fast – Have you seen drum videos where the teacher does everything really fast and you’re like, “uh, that’s great that you can do that, but can you please slow it down so I can understand what you’re doing?!” Yeah, we know. We won’t do that. We’ll break things down slowly. We’ll play things slowly. We’ll explain things slowly, so beginners have time to absorb and process the information.
  • We’re extremely methodical and organized – we break things down into the smallest pieces and layer them, step-by-step in a logical order. That’s what you need in the beginning! And we give that to you.
  • We have more than a decade of experience teaching drumming newcomers – We’ve been focusing on beginners since 2009 and during the years since then, we’ve refined our methods as we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. We’re pretty sure nobody else in the online world has this kind of focus on helping beginners. 

2) You Don’t Have to Subscribe to Learn with Us

We’re not fans of online subscriptions. 

Subscriptions are everywhere. They are forced down our throats. We don’t have a choice. 

In the drumming education world pretty much everyone requires you to subscribe. 

Not us.

If you’re sick of having to subscribe to get quality online drum lessons, you finally have another option.  


3) We Have a Unique Teaching Framework

It’s important to have a system of teaching so that students can achieve consistent results. Based on observing the history of great drummers, and based on my experience learning and teaching for many years, this framework–The 5 Pillars of Drumming™–was born. 

The 5 Pillars system simply distills everything in drumming down to five categories. This allows each student to have an easy way to think about their drumming and what he or she should be working on.  The 5 Pillars of Drumming™ system also provides a crystal-clear and logical framework to organize teaching.

The 5 Pillars are:

  1. Technique
  2. Reading
  3. Independence
  4. Groove
  5. Vocabulary 


It’s a completely streamlined and logical method of teaching and it’s especially suited for beginners.

And we’re the only people who teach this way. After all, it’s a unique framework of which we are the exclusive rights-holders.

4) BANG’s Founder is a Rarity in Online Drum Education

He’s not just an effective teacher; Mark is also a professional drummer whose played with people you may have actually heard of (sarcasm intended).

You can find Mark Feldman’s bio HERE.  And you can read his Wikipedia page HERE

Finally, a crazy credential that nobody offering to teach you has: Mark was one of the winners of the first drum solo contest ever hosted by Modern Drummer magazine.

The judge was Neil Peart, who wrote the following about Mark in Modern Drummer Magazine

“Mark Feldman of New York City sent in a nice tape also. I liked the dark mood, the interesting construction, his smooth technique, and combinations of nice tonalities. I thought it was technically and rhythmically quite sophisticated and very smoothly performed. Again, this is not an easy style to pull off as well as Mark has done. The refrain of the intro is a tasteful idea, and frames the whole piece nicely, making it, like the others, truly a piece of music.”

5) Focused Courses vs a Multitude of Unrelated Videos

Unlike most of the other online drum educators, BANG! The Drum School offers a series of focused, in-depth, course-based, video learning experiences.

In addition, there is a very limited amount of ZOOM coaching available for students who are interested in accelerating their learning even more. The coaching is done via our Drumming Acceleration Program is only open to serious beginner students who are ready to work hard in order to move more quickly. More on that HERE

But back to our video courses.  

Imagine a attending a university for beginner drummers, with an organized progression of teaching via a syllabus prepared by a professor of drumming. That’s what you get in our video courses. They’re real courses: systematically structured, with in–depth teaching and videos that are linked together with a methodical, step-by-step progression toward drumming success. 

You won’t find a bunch of unrelated videos that just scratch the surface of a topic. 

This is why people come to us, for focus, not mass. 

While our competitors try to lure you with free gifts and massive amounts of content on thousands of topics, we offer laser-like focus and thoughtful, deep and organized course work that takes you from one point (not being able to play) to your desired outcome (being able to play drums).

That’s Why We’re Different. Study with us. Nobody does what we do, nobody focuses on beginners like we do. That’s why we’re known as:  

The Beginner Drummer Experts

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