Independence is one of those drumming skills that often confounds beginners.

On this page, we're going to do something about that.

Your First Drum Lesson and Other Beginner Independence Exercises on PDF

One of The 5 Pillars of Drumming™ is independence. It’s crucial, because it’s the coordination that allows you to play drum beats and if you can’t do that, you really can’t be a drummer (at least not a drum set player).

In the beginning, independence is one of the roadblocks that really frustrates drummers-in-training. And the frustration can be so significant that some people give up on drumming.

Let us help: watch the video below and check out the PDF that goes with it.

Your First Drum Lesson

In this lesson, we’ll bypass all of the things that usually trip up people when it comes to independence. There will be no reading nor music theory involved at all. Just a series of simple steps that involve physical movements. It’s a process that anyone can follow and the result will be that you’l be playing some beginning eighth note rock beats quickly and easily.  So, watch the video and print out the PDF. 

By the way, this video was made in the early days of of BANG! The Drum School’s video creation, so the production values are not at the level of what we’re making now. BUT–the content is very valuable and the method is clearly explained–and for that reason, the video is offered to you “as is.”  The bottom line is that you’ll get results if you follow the steps in the video, so we’ve kept it here (for now).

here is the link to the worksheet that accompanies the video below:

More Independence Exercise Worksheets on PDF:

Here are some more beginner level independence worksheets to check out (click on the titles to go to the PDFs):

The following three worksheets focus specifically on hi-hat independence:

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